Rear Parking Camera Cover Waterproof Hydrophobic Case For 17-22 Tesla Model 3/Y

This action for Rear Parking Camera Cover Waterproof Hydrophobic Case For 2017-2022 Tesla 3 / 2020-2022 Tesla Model Y
  • TELSA Model3/Y Rear Camera Waterproof Case​ - Reflection and water droplets retain are always issues for devices. Our anti-reflection and water rebound film provides a combined solution with the top performances.
  • Our film can enhance the transmittance of your glass/acrylic.The ultra-transmittance will make the glass/acrylic barely noticeable, and keep the image real and vivid.​
  • The top-grade anti-reflection will eliminate the unwanted and distracting reflection on your devices.​​
  • Extreme low reflection with extreme high water contact angle is what the film can bring to your devices.​
  • Hydrophobic surface is a surface that has the ability to repel water. The term hydrophobicity was derived from two Greek words that are hydro that
  • means water and phobos that means fear; thus, hydrophobic surfaces can be define as material that tend to repel with water.
  • They are completely going over the original camera housing, and won't affect any original feature or functionality e.i visibile, glare etc
  • Product Specification:
  • Design In Taiwan - New CarLab Trademark Brand Product.
  • Installation:
  • DIY Installation - Instruction included and video on Youtube.
  • Compatible:
  • Tesal Model 3 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
  • Tesal Model Y 2020 2021 2022