For 2015-2018 Ford Focus Mk3.5 3D/5D Smoke LED Tail Lights Dynamic Indicator


This auction is a pair For 2015-2018 Ford Focus Mk3.5 3D/5D Smoked LED Tail Lights Dynamic Indicator

  • There are a great upgrade for any models that produce during 2015 2016 2017 2018 Mk3.5 (facelift) as the car will appear with unique Tube LED Style .
  • These Lights can be fitted onto any Ford Focus Gen 3.5 2015-2017 models without any Error message or any frustrating coding issues or any re-programming required, Even you don't have the LED's as factory light, They still will work on your Gen.3
  • The black Smoke lens benefit from the luxury German automotive industry dynamic amber indicators turn signal lights and will also pulse for a few seconds when the car is unlocked - Similar to the start button onside the cockpit
  • They are completely replacing the original pattern, and won't affect any original feature or functionality e.i Error message, Air bags, Reversing lights, Bulbs Alerts which will all keep the same. .
  • They are fit for both LHD & RHD models.

  • Product Specification:
  • High quality materials Made in Taiwan
  • Our price is for one pair- one left and one right
  • Content: 1 pair of Mirrors one right one left
  • New CarLab Trademark Brand Product
  • Installation:
  • Direct Fit
  • Remove your stock light and replace with new Fully LED style.
  • All you need is to plug and play
  • Compatible:
    • Fits on 2015 2016 2017 2018 3 Doors and 5 Doors