E-DRIVE 4S Electronic Throttle Controller W/ Harness For Tesla Model 3

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  • Shadow electronic throttle controller uses the throttle signal to change the throttle response time and accelerate the vehicle forward. You can feel the power changes by lightly stepping on the accelerator in these five function modes. In addition, Shadow converts the digital signal into an analog signal which makes the processing rate from 100 times/second to 1000 times/second. It has grown 10 times when we compared with the past. This also makes the throttle more stable and more flexible.
  • Power Mode: Not only increases the throttle sensitivity and changes the initial speed but also makes the vehicle react better when starting to move.
  • Launch Control Mode: The throttle response speed can be greatly improved in this mode. By installing the electronic throttle controller, the acceleration effect can be obtained and the full power will be output within one second.
  • Eco Mode: It will reduce the electronic signal which can slow down the acceleration to reduce fuel consumption and achieve energy-saving effects.
  • Anti-slip Mode: Anti-Slip mode allows high-horsepower vehicles to temporarily limit the output of engine horsepower, slowing down acceleration and maintaining friction between tires and the ground. It can response to any slippery steep slope, mud or snow, reduce the risk of slipping and make the vehicle move stably and safely.
  • Anti-theft Mode: Anti-theft mode cuts off the electronic signal so that the pedal signal cannot be detected when the vehicle is started and prevents the vehicle from starting to move.
  • CARLAB CARE: CarLab offers warranty for these car parts which includes everything from installment to lifetime technical support. The company strives to produce quality car accessories stamping their trademark designs on each item.
  • CarLab Design Tuning is an Taiwanese company founded in 2006, and has become one of the most recognised brands in motorsport. Specialised in the manufacturing of driver equipment, CarLab is known for its Steering Wheels, plug and Play harnesses, Front Grilles, LED Lights and other accessories such as emblems, Carbon Pillar panels , Tail lights.
  • Product Specification:
  • Shadow E-Drive 4S electronic throttle controller modular design advantage-does not destroy the original factory configuration.
  • Size: L 6 x W 2.6 x H 1.2 cm
  • Display Cable : 100cm
  • Dedicated Harness 80cm
  • Frame : Aluminum Alloy + PC (Polycarbonate)
  • Button : Silicon
  • Installation:
  • DIY Installation - English Instruction Included.
  • Required basic knowledge to install
  • Compatible:
  • Tesla Model 3