3D Soldier Army Skull Decal for Any Flat Surface Chrome Car Decals as a Emblem

3D Army Skull : Our new 3D custom chrome Skull Reaper decal sticker can be installed on any smooth surface of any car, motorcycle, and truck. This custom decal sticker is easy to install and will leave no scratches or smudges on the surface once you stick it.

  • ORIGINAL DESIGN: Make your car, bike or truck stand out on the road with the 3D Grim Reaper car decal. Its attractive Grim Reaper skull skeleton design is a Car Labs exclusive making it unique from other chrome car decal stickers.
  • QUALITY CHROME: Our 3D Grim Reaper decal sticker is made of high-quality, plastic chrome that is very durable and can withstand any weather condition. Our 3d emblem is made of reflective chrome that does not rust or corrode and is resistant to rain, snow, and any weather conditions.
  • STRONG ADHESIVE: Our skull emblem badge sticker has a powerful 3m emblem adhesive that will stay put through any situation. No need to worry about anything flying off while on the road.
  • HANDY SIZE: The car decal stickers have dimensions of 7.5cm length and 7cm width with a polished look on the surface. It's the perfect size to put on your windows or dashboard without being distracting.
  • Product Specification:
  • Brand: CARLAB
  • Extremely High-quality materials Made in Taiwan
  • Installation:
  • Required basic knowledge to install on any flat surface.
  • Compatible
  • Custom emblem for any flat surface application